May 2014, California

This portrait was taken on a sunny day.

My Grandma was helping with some weeds.

I would like to mount this some day as a panel installation of sorts.

Before I pitched in to help (I was the resident sweeper!), I took the opportunity to capture a few moments of my Grandma working because it reminded me of all of the stories my Mom told me about my Grandma.

My Grandma worked in the fields in China at one point in her life.

As I took these photos, I was even more humbled by her work ethic which has been passed on to the following generations.

My Mom worked in the strawberry fields in the summers when she came to the states.

They have been influential in my life in ways that I cannot count or measure.

Today I encourage you all today to recall some of your family history.

These are such important parts of history and of ourselves.

These pieces make us who we are.



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