Photography signifies more than a visual image for me.

For me it’s about expressing and healing.

So much of what I see with my eyes, I want to capture.

I want to capture the breath of the  moment.

I like to shoot landscapes and also places that are familiar to me.


We all long for home and familiarity no matter where we are.

When I developed these film images (SO happy with all of the 24 exposures!) I found a stack of old photos from almost a decade ago.

It was my birthday and my maternal Grandpa and Grandma were framed on the side of me.

My Grandpa passed away a few years ago and it’s photos like this that make me reflect about journeys and healing.
I realized that I use photography not only to illuminate hidden treasures and intricate details of the human condition, but I also utilize the medium to heal from grief.

I can say my Grandpa is here with me because I feel it.

It’s like the breeze in the ocean or the sound you hear from a conch shell.

You can’t see it with the human eye, but you feel it.

Although it’s still difficult to look at these photos, I am grateful for everything.

When I look around at nature, I see beauty. I see integrity. I see purity in landscapes that no digital camera can capture.

So today I encourage everyone to really look at something you love and transfer that positive energy to heal you.



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